Supporting radiologists with AI

    AI-based assistant for radiologists to treat their clinical cases faster and more precisely.


    Student: Alexis Ducarouge

    Collaborative Internet-Booster

    A mobile app to scale 4G connection sharing.



    Student: Raphaël Attali

    Retail evolution

    Help e retailers manage better their inventories



    Student : Eliott Jabès

    Augment your custumer support

    Artificial intelligence to support the management of customers' requests.


    Student : Francklin Handou

    Unlock every city

    Digitalizing transportation passes to improve mobility in every city.


    Student : Mathieu Giard

    Enjoy the best investments

    Understand and enjoy investments usually reserved to the wealthiest.


    Students: Thomas Perret

    Simplifies caregivers' management

    Helps medical organizations such as hospitals manage their replacements.


    Students: Christopher Rydhal


    Your timetable with no headache

    TimeTabler enables hospital to optimize the management of the staff's shifts.


    Student : Raphael Chédru


    Your morning financial briefing

    Get on Messenger, every morning, your short and complete financial briefing!


    Student : Matteo Screnci

    Make new friends


    Your social app to make new friends through snapchat and instagram.


    Student : Jérémie Aouate

    Make your company culture awesome

    To let your coworkers speak up for you to be aware of their level of satisfaction.


    Student : Kevin Bourgeois

    Design graphically your musical experience

    Get in an artist's shoes and mix their samples. A synesthesic musical experience.


    Students : Myriam Bakir & Maxime Arbisa

    The wireless charger


    A electronic system that enables you to charge your cellphone on a pad.


    Students : Timothée Le Quesne & Daniel Lollo

    The truck drivers' app


    Find the best stop on the road has never been that easy !


    Student : Arthur Ouaki

    Your new digital film making tool

    A new way of creating, sharing and using storyboards in any kind of movie production.


    Student : Augustin Morel

    Your personal scooter driver in Paris

    Be on time for your meeting or drinks : choose an electric scooter to drive you.


    Student : Bénédicte Giraud

    A Centralized Data Platform

    Manage all your accruing data by integrating them seamlessly and safely to your workflow.


    Student : Sebastian Bachmeier

    Wish and Let Us Grant

    Buy your motorbike cheaper and get it shipped directly to your door.


    Student : Nidhal Djebali

    Just true, emotional discoveries

    A social jukebox to connect people through music.


    Student : Gabin Marignier


    Join the spot

    Connect to techno music lovers, djs and promoters and share photos and videos directly from party places.

    Students: Dimitri Garcia, Pierre Quesson, Guillaume Picand